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Legionnaires and the American Legion Family,

As we gather on this Thanksgiving Day to celebrate a day of thanks; we need to be ever mindful of those who, separated by war or training or just the miles, who will not be with family. Many of us Veterans have spent many of holidays far away from home. Our Legion Family has sat somberly on these days looking at an empty chair as they eagerly await the return of a loved Veteran. This holiday brings out the gratitude in all of us as we reflect on the many blessing of our lives. On this day, we recall family, friends, and loved ones who have touched our lives. We are grateful for the many blessings the Lord has so graciously bestowed upon us and we look forward to many more years of seeing His hand in our lives. As we gather in our warm homes with the smell of turkey and pumpkin pie in the air; take time and pause to think about the Soldier in Afghanistan, the Marine in Iraq, the Sailor way out at sea; the Airman in a distant base; and the Coast Guardsman patrolling our waterways all for our Freedoms and Safety!

This day I am thankful for many things. Obviously my family and friends, my time in the Military, those who picked up the baton after I retired, all members of Post 64 as we rebuild this Post into greatness, the Volunteers and Officers who don’t receive a dime to contribute to the goodness of the Post, our dedicated patrons who come to support the Post, and the opportunity to reach out to our Veterans and our Community to continue the service to which we have been called. I pray this holiday finds you well in health and spirt. Enjoy this day and be thankful to live in a land where our freedoms are abound!

God Bless
Post 64 Commander

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