Post Officers

Commander: Bill Hagen
1st Vice Commander: Joe Bender
2nd Vice Commander: Wayne Lewis
Adjutant: Larry Shew
Judge Advocate: Pat Blackwell
Finance Officer: Pete Greenlees
Service Officer:  
Sgt At Arms: Doninick Becker
Chaplain: Dave Pfingst
Historian: Vacant

Post Executive Committee

Ernie Prince, Sue Bellacicco
Jim Ford, Nadine Mareno
Richard Cunningham, Past Commander
Club Manager: Linda Ramsay

Legion Riders

Director: Richard Cunningham
Asst. Director: James Adrion
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Joan Adrion

American Legion Auxiliary Officers 2023-2024

Maureen Greenlees – President
Denise Moore – First Vice President
Debbie Bender - Second Vice President
Lynn Creasey – Secretary
Janet Newman – Treasurer
Dawn Fardelmann – Chaplain
Melba Kennedy – Sergeant at Arms
Allie Creasy - Membership
Executive Committee: Soni Stapleton, Carole Justice, and Joanne Ogg

Sons of American Legion

Commander: Burt Moore
1st Vice Cmdr: Jim Adrion
2nd Vice Cmdr: Mike Beckett
Adjutant: Pete Greenlees
Chaplain: Vacant
Finance Officer: Jeff Merritt
Sgt.-at-Arm: Binky Deshields

American Legion is a 501(C)19 Organization.
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